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Chris Bennett Interventions is based in San Diego, California -

Chris Bennett Interventions is a Team of intensively and competently trained and experienced behavioral health intervention and consulting specialists that have come together to provide families with the highest quality Intervention Services, Behavioral Health Consulting and Therapeutic Placements, Family and Friends Supportive Programs, and Transportation services. We recognize that each family presents unique and complex circumstances that may include mental health challenges in addition to addiction.  We understand that most clients will suffer from depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorders.  We are based out of San Diego, CA and will perform interventions, consulting, family based services and workshops, and transportation services anywhere in the United States. 

FDAPAddiction and psychiatric illnesses are mental and behavioral health disorders that cross social, cultural and economic boundaries affecting anyone; housewives to lawyers, children to the elderly. Most often, they remain undetected and untreated until the problem becomes all encompassing resulting in jail, institutions or death.

Watching a loved one fall into the abyss of addiction or succumb to psychiatric illness is painful, frustrating and soul destroying.  For most families, it feels like an impossible task, especially if there has been failure before.   The unfortunate fact is that this is a painful process.  It will stay painful for those suffering, both individuals and their families, until an appropriate intervention takes place to cease the continuity of the problem throughout the family system.

We have a history of successfully performing challenging psychiatric, problematic behavioral and addiction interventions, drawing empirical knowledge from each encounter to improve our services and train other professionals in specific techniques derived from those experiences.

Conclusive evidence shows that each family system has its own dynamic or set of governing laws called “homeostasis”.  If the system supports an illness, the sufferer will, largely unconsciously and as a means of survival, work hard to prevent change and maintain his current environment.

Our Team will unite your family system and effectively create a shift in homeostasis through assessment, education, preparation and an empowering individualized approach.  The result is the addicted individual sensing a change and being forced to respond.

In all but a few rare cases the individual will respond favorably by recognizing their own behavior as destructive to themselves and those around them.  They accept the gesture of love by entering an appropriate clinical program to treat the problem.

The family system will benefit the most from the realization that enabling a destructive behavior is as destructive as the behavior itself.  The intervention process as a starting point begins to rebuild broken relationships and introduces a healthy homeostasis.  Families leave the intervention assured that they have done all they can to help their loved one by offering a new healthy life free from a chronically destructive way of life.

Mental and addictive illnesses are predictable, progressive and fatal in their nature, but also preventable and treatable. We can all agree that however difficult change may be; IF NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES! Call us 24/7 for a FREE Consultation, no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions and Statements

Below are some questions and statements that might apply to you. If they do apply to you, you are in the right place. We can help you from here.

  • How do I know if they need treatment?
  • What needs to change in order for this situation to get better?
  • Do I hire an attorney or can I use a public defender?
  • I have tried everything, what do I do now?
  • They won’t listen to anything I say, they won’t follow any of the rules and they come and go as they please.
  • What do I do when they won’t listen?
  • What do I do when they refuse to get help?
  • What is the purpose of counseling or treatment?
  • The things they or I find enjoyable are not enjoyable anymore.  Why?
  • Are they actually addicted to drugs and/or alcohol?
  • Why is there no motivation?
  • Why can’t they grow up?
  • My boss is going to fire me if I do not stop.
  • My parents are going to throw me out if I do not stop.
  • He or she is going to leave me if I do not stop.
  • How do I know what the right treatment program is? There are so many and it feels impossible even knowing where to start.
  • What is causing this? What are the underlying issues?
  • Why does addiction consume every part of my life?
  • I do not want my kids to have to struggle the same way that I did through life.
  • Even if I could get him/her into treatment, how do I pay for it? Everything is so expensive.
  • We have had some issues with him/her through high school, how do I know if sending them to college is a good idea?

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About Chris Bennett Interventions

Chris Bennett Interventions is a team of competently trained and experienced intervention and addiction treatment professionals that have come together to provide families with the highest quality intervention services. We recognize that each family presents with unique and complex circumstances that may include mental health challenges in addition to addiction, and that most clients will suffer from depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorders.

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