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Family Program Testimonials

The following Professional Testimonials are provided as reference for Chris Bennett Interventions and specifically for our 12 Week Family Program facilitated by our Director of Family Programs, Jennifer Tarzia, MA. For further information, please call 619-481-2141 or 916-529-5466; alternatively please contact us.

"At first, I was skeptical of the value of these weekly family meetings. The structure of them reminded me of the group therapy classes I’d had in my psych classes in college. And, with all the stresses we had with the pressure of what we were going through as a family, the last thing I wanted to do was spend one night at an Al Anon or NAMI meeting, one night doing homework, and one night talking about the homework, every week. So, I did the exercises, but I did them begrudgingly. At first. You (Jennifer) have a very pleasant manner about you and you are very respectful of your clients. It’s a nice compliment to the intervention process, which can get tense and rough and even frightening at times. Although I have not personally suffered from alcohol addiction, I’ve worked as a teacher in tough urban schools and a prison for juvenile offenders. I have long understood the symptoms of mental and emotional illnesses and substance abuse. The problem for me has always been my frustration at not being heard nor given credibility for trying to bring attention and discussion about our son’s problems to his parents. You provided me with an opportunity to get out these feelings and deal with them. They have been the source of my deepest pain and regret. Up until now, I felt a great deal of responsibility for our son’s slow demise. I just couldn’t get the attention of those who could make a difference for him. You managed to make me feel validated and allowed me to find a way to forgive myself through your exercises. Although our efforts with our son have not been successful thus far, I have to say that the end result of walking through these homework assignments and discussing them as a family have been helpful and have made a big difference in my life with regard to my relationship with my children. That’s a big deal. A very big deal. It changes everything for me. I’m finally feeling like I have a way to cope with all of this in my life and I appreciate how the process has highlighted the strengths of each individual in my family. Thank you for your compassion, your guidance and your continued support."

Mother in New York

"And just when you thought it was all over and you've done all you can, the real healing began. I learned through the Facility that my daughter was in and the classes taught by Jennifer we had just as much work to do as our loved one. It turns out that our healing and self-growth is just as important, if not more, as our loved one. Not only reassuring us of our daughters’ recovery along the way, Jennifer was teaching us of our own recovery and responsibility to heal ourselves. We have done all we can for our loved one and now it’s time for us. Jennifer did a fantastic job guiding us and teaching us how to do so. She placed her focus on us. Something we usually set aside. She taught us how important we are. How important our recovery is so we can live a healthier happier life and build a support group to do so. She had many challenges with our family and had the diversity to change things up a little bit to fit our specific needs. Jennifer has my permission to share my story on the Yacht. I found it difficult to write n a traditional way. Thank you so much for this journey. I can only hope that many other families find Jennifer and Chris to help them through all of these trials, heartbreaking emotions and times."

Mother in San Diego

"I just want to thank you Jennifer for all your wonderful support and advice you and this program have given me throughout this process. In the beginning, I really had no idea of what to expect but as we proceeded, I discovered many inner qualities in myself that needed attention so I and my loved ones could live a better life. Through your program and the structure in which it was presented, I was able to learn many skills in coping with every day ordeals. What your program has given me are the tools and structure to continue my own self-healing and a way of dealing with situations that will lead to a better relationship with my loved ones and life in general. I would recommend your program to anyone in similar situations. Again thanks to you, your staff and this program."

Father in San Diego

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