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12 Week Friends and Family Program

At Chris Bennett Interventions we understand and deeply empathize with the difficulties you have faced as a family member or friend of someone struggling with substance abuse, mental health challenges, a dysfunctional lifestyle or anything else impeding in their path of a successful, happy life. Our 12 Week Friends and Family Program is an action based process broken down in to 12 individual sessions. We will actively be working on areas of your life, changing destructive ways of thinking and implementing positive action steps. Our program is not hard in the sense that we are dealing with anything to difficult to understand. It becomes hard to show up consistently. One of the most important things in life is to love you and to take care of yourself. Our program will help put you back on that track.

This program has been designed based on over 30 years of experience dealing with families and behavioral health disorders. We know that with your active, CONSISTENT participation in completing our program, you will THINK differently which will lead to you taking different ACTIONS which will lead to you FEELING better which will lead to significant changes in your life. No matter what your loved one is doing. Change is not about magic and there is nothing magic about our process of growth and healing. Having absolute consistency with the outlined program brings on change. If you have any questions, we are always available to help and support you thru anything. This Action Based Process builds upon each other each week. The skills each week will become more natural, easier to identify and will become a part of your daily life.

At Chris Bennett Interventions, we know a few things that are constant. Change is constant. This is why we believe so strongly in action oriented work with families. There are always possibilities that your loved one leaves treatment, relapses or creates chaos in theirs and your process of healing. We have to be clear that no matter what’s going on with your loved one, our course of action stays the same. Do not panic, follow our lead and continue pursuing our path of action every day. We look forward to answering any questions you might have and discussing our program further.

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About Chris Bennett Interventions

Chris Bennett Interventions is a team of competently trained and experienced intervention and addiction treatment professionals that have come together to provide families with the highest quality intervention services. We recognize that each family presents with unique and complex circumstances that may include mental health challenges in addition to addiction, and that most clients will suffer from depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorders.

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