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Lifestyle & Happiness Intervention

Chris Bennett Interventions Coaching Model can help your family create a home full of positivity, happiness and change!

All too often we picture an “intervention” as this circle of family members who are confronting an out of control addiction, problematic behavioral pattern and/or mental health disorder. As a family member you contemplate so many “what if’s,” and the fear and anxiety of confronting this behavior can be debilitating.

But what about someone who isn’t struggling with active addiction but is lacking motivation to get off of the couch, get to his aftercare, talks about feeling depressed, identifies anxiety in his life about a lack of direction or idea of what he or she wants to be or do with themselves? What about your son or daughter who is stable on medication for bi-polar disorder but continues to struggle with social interactions, developing a support system, having difficulties putting together a plan of healthy nutrition and exercise, managing his or her time effectively? What about your 19 year old son who plays video games, smokes weed, has dropped out of school and has no drive to get a job and begin his independence?

What do you do in situations like these? We have developed a system of working with individuals described above in what we call a Lifestyle & Happiness Intervention. No secrets, no conspiring, just a process based in a family coming together and beginning to improve their lives individually and as a family with an attitude of positivity, hope and bonding.

A General Idea of Our Process

  • We take time to build strong rapport with your loved one
  • We help your loved one determine what areas of their life they would like to improve, change or modify
  • We facilitate several family meetings, illuminating family concerns and improving overall family communication
  • We support you and your loved one in creating specific plans of action to positively improve on a variety of lifestyle actions and increase the overall productivity and happiness within the family through our Coaching Model
  • We continue to provide Coaching Support to the entire family including your loved one through weekly interactions including teleconferencing calls, face to face sessions (if possible) and conference calls.

Contact us 24/7 for more information on our Coaching Model and to learn more about how to increase your family’s happiness and improve lifestyles through our empowering process based in positivity and love.

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About Chris Bennett Interventions

Chris Bennett Interventions is a team of competently trained and experienced intervention and addiction treatment professionals that have come together to provide families with the highest quality intervention services. We recognize that each family presents with unique and complex circumstances that may include mental health challenges in addition to addiction, and that most clients will suffer from depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorders.

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