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Intervention Services Testimonials

The following Professional Testimonials are provided as reference for Chris Bennett Interventions. For further information, please call 619-481-2141 or 916-529-5466; alternatively please contact us.

'My highest personal and professional recommendation to Chris Bennett go out to any family needing intervention and treatment for a loved one. Mr. Bennett is not only a highly skilled interventionist and alcohol/drug counselor, but brings to the equation a wealth of knowledge about the many moving parts of successful treatment, the strategic partnerships that support the recovering client and family in their journey to health and wellness, and the passion we are sometimes blessed to bring to this work from our personal recovery.'

- Jeffrey Merrick, ESQ
Intervention Specialist and Attorney at Law at CDI Interventions

'I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Bennett Interventions on multiple occasions. As the Director of Referral for AToN Center, I spend much of my time connecting with professionals in order to provide our clients and families with quality continuing care. Upon meeting Chris, and learning about his philosophy surrounding intervention, as well as the integrity he exudes, it became immediately apparent that he and his Team have the ability to save the lives of the resistant clients that AToN Center comes in contact with. Since then, we have referred several families to Chris Bennett Interventions and continue to be incredibly impressed by his work ethic, compassion, accountability, and level of professionalism. This field is lucky to have Chris Bennett!'

- Jessica Yaffa
Director of Business Development, AToN Center and President of No Silence, No Violence Non- Profit

'Chris is not only a stand up professional that I work with but also a close friend. When Chris sends me referrals, he is beyond thorough and tracks the case throughout the clients duration of stay at my program. This involves the tremendous amount of family work that other clinical professionals may tend to neglect. Chris is incredibly reliable. If I need him in the heat of the moment...he's there. What makes Chris so talented as an interventionist is his passion. Chris loves what he does and that speaks volumes to his success. Even though Chris lives in my hometown of San Diego, he's the type of guy that will jump on a plane in an instant. I would recommend Chris to anyone who needs anything from highly intensive family therapy/case management to a simple transport. As a fellow young professional he makes an impression with young adult clients. He gets the job done because young adult clients can relate to him. They want what he has as a happy, healthy, human being. In the end...thats what its all about.'

- Alex Zemeckis, MA
Chief Executive Officer at The Grounds Recovery

'Chris is hands down the most riveting and impactful interventionist I have met in the ten years of experience I have had in the recovery industry. His passion spills in his work and the relationships he has constructed by his integrity are evident by his recognition in California, not to mention the national work he has embarked on. Considering the rising number of interventions focused on young adults, Chris' specific niche is second to none. Chris cares about the process of intervention all the way from contact to care and follow up, the satisfied families I have heard him converse is astonishing. His knowledge and specific detail to mental health along with his resource of professionals that make up Chris Bennett Interventions are absolutely an innovative powerhouse of hope for the recovery of addiction.'

- Gonzalo de la Torre, MA
Chief Executive Officer at By The Sea Recovery

'I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Bennett over the past couple of years. We initially met at a professionals weekend where we became fast friends. I value Mr. Bennett's confidence, intelligence and niche specialty of dual-diagnosis interventions. Mr. Bennett is a trusted interventionist who is working hard to create a system of care that is individualized and supports real change. I highly recommend Chris and his team for interventions, placement and family education.'

- Lindsey Means
Chief Operations Officer at A Mission for Michael

The following Family and Client Testimonials are provided as reference for Chris Bennett Interventions. For further information, please call 619-481-2141 or 916-529-5466; alternatively please contact us.

Just to make the decision to get an interventionist has got to be one of the most difficult and emotional times you could possibly have to go through. Full of uncertainties, researching facilities, and the emotional ups and downs you experience. If I’d just made that call sooner I could have spared myself a lot of these dilemmas. Chris and his teammate Jennifer were not only fantastic throughout the intervention but also so knowledgeable of all the different Facilities around the United States. They walked us through each process, step-by-step, by our side and guiding us through our own emotions. Everything moved very quickly. On the day of the intervention they were completely focused and directed everything toward our loved one with care, compassion, experience and the drive to see this through. They were able to win the trust of my daughter to go with them. The minute my daughter said “I’ll go”, Jennifer jumped into action. I was so impressed with her ability to get my daughter packed and ready to leave. Her focus was only on my daughter. And when my daughter tried to change her mind, Jennifer displayed calmness and ability to bring her focus back on task and not to change her mind and was out the door, on their way to the airport within 15 to 20 minutes. The Facility they found was a perfect match for her and her needs. From the time they left with my daughter until the time they arrived at the Facility and had her checked in they were in constant contact with us. Letting us know how she was and how it all was going, relieving us of our stresses and uncertainties. And just when you thought it was all over and you’ve done all you can, the real healing began. I learned through the Facility that my daughter was in and the classes taught by Jennifer we had just as much work to do as our loved one. It turns out that our healing and self-growth is just as important, if not more, as our loved one. Not only reassuring us of our daughters’ recovery along the way, Jennifer was teaching us of our own recovery and responsibility to heal ourselves. We have done all we can for our loved one and now it’s time for us. Jennifer did a fantastic job guiding us and teaching us how to do so. She placed her focus on us. Something we usually set aside. She taught us how important we are. How important our recovery is so we can live a healthier happier life and build a support group to do so. She had many challenges with our family and had the diversity to change things up a little bit to fit our specific needs. Jennifer has my permission to share my story on the Yacht. I found it difficult to write n a traditional way. Thank you so much for this journey. I can only hope that many other families find Jennifer and Chris to help them through all of these trials, heartbreaking emotions and times.

Grateful Mom from San Diego

If it were not for Chris and his compassion, knowledge, and ultimately, his effective method of intervention, I firmly believe I would be making funeral arrangements for my heroin-addicted young adult son instead of rehab decisions. I can recommend Chris without hesitation. As a widowed mother of three, whose addicted son didn't live at home (and contact was extremely minimal) and without family support close by, I had nowhere to turn for assistance in getting my son the help he needed....from someone he would listen to. A call to the Lindner Center for advice/guidance put me in touch with Chris. The process of gathering information and planning the intervention went smoothly. Chris expertly handled all the necessary details. He was friendly, approachable, and professional. The friends and family that attended the intervention were very impressed with Chris. We had complete confidence in his intervention plan and ability to get my son to rehab. It worked. Chris was able to communicate with my son on a personal level because of his own experiences. It took a little time and patience that day, but the intervention was peaceful and calm. Chris left the house with my son, driving him to detox that night. My son is currently in rehab. There is hope. Chris' follow-up contact with both of us will continue to be a positive influence. My son has far-reaching, significant decisions to make about his future. Thankfully, he has a future. Thank you, Chris.

Grateful Mom from SW Ohio

I joke and sometimes say that being an interventionist seems just one notch away from being a hostage negotiator! But I mean that seriously. It takes something far beyond what could ever be taught in a classroom. It’s a rare, hard-won, and highly-honed skill only developed by having walked and suffered the same difficult path as the person you’re now trying to help. I recently read a Greek quote: “We suffer our way to wisdom.” Chris Bennett is young, but he has wisdom beyond his years. As you read on his website about his own struggles, you start to understand the origins and sincere depth of his understanding. For me his authenticity was critical not just because I value that characteristic in a person, but because the person for whom I was seeking help, my son, can detect a phony from a mile away and would never entrust his feelings or his life to such a person. When I called Chris last January it was a leap of faith – faith in the people who had recommended him and faith that he could help. He arrived in mid-February amid subzero temperatures and record breaking snowfall. He was calm, optimistic, and reassuring. He laid out a simple plan for us to follow to approach our son about going into treatment. We had given Chris some background information about our son and from that he anticipated our son’s response and what our counter response would have to be. It was rough, but unfolded pretty much as he had predicted. My son threw out every reason in the book about why rehab wasn’t for him. Chris listened patiently and empathetically, and did not attempt to counter every reason he presented; rather he looked for an opportunity to start building a connection to my son. It happened when my son stormed out of the house and got his car stuck in a snow bank on the side of the driveway. Chris grabbed a shovel from my garage and went to help my son dig out his car. Their attempts to dig the car out didn’t work so they called AAA, but in the process of trying to free the car my son and Chris connected. After the car was freed, Chris suggested the two of them go to lunch. My son accepted and this time managed to maneuver his car without getting stuck. When they returned my son was in a very different place and was willing to go into treatment and to get help. Within about 24 hours my son was in a recovery center in North Carolina. My son completed the program in North Carolina and is currently participating in an extended care program (sober living community) in Colorado. He is doing well and I am grateful for that. I do not know what he will do after this. What I do know is that without Chris Bennett (the guy from sunny San Diego who connected with an angry 18 year old while trying to dig out his car amid subzero temperatures) my son would not have gone into treatment. Chris Bennett is a sincere, caring, highly skilled person and a great interventionist. I am truly grateful for his help and would recommend him without reservation.

Grateful Mom from Pennsylvania

Please know how grateful we are for all you have done to help our son – and our family. What an incredibly difficult job you have, being instantly plopped into different families under the most terrible of circumstances, trying to deal with helping a loved one get the care they desperately need. But, I have seen you do this with a significant amount of preparation, care, discipline, and an enormous amount of empathy for all involved. The detailed process you walked us through, the day long preparation before the family meeting with our son, the firm, but kind way you helped direct us to change established patterns to do something different/more effective to make sure he received treatment were all essential to the successful effort to get him to a full time residential treatment program. Critical to the preparation was conceptualizing the intervention into three rings, what we would say first to get him to go to treatment and what we would say and do next in the intervention if he refused. There was a third step built into the process you had us ready to do if he had still said no, which was his understanding the consequence of what it would mean to the relationship with everyone in his family and, in this case, his long term girlfriend and her family if he refused to go to treatment. I will be forever glad he agreed to go after round two as the third step was so ineffably sad it brings me to tears now even thinking about having to say what we would have said to him had he refused to go after the second round of family input. Still, I know the situation was so desperate I appreciate what you did to prepare us emotionally to go to the third round if required. What I also recognize was the incredibly skillful job you did to help manage the intervention with our son. Specifically, asking him to leave the room with you after round two as you had a sense that a quiet conversation with you away from us/his girlfriend would give him the space he needed to agree – and it worked. When we retained you, I did not even realize you would be speaking with us once a week, helping go through a workbook process with us, and become a much needed buffer with the treatment facility, and, in general, become a trusted confidante through this process. We appreciate all of these different roles you have played so well throughout this process. Our son has been drug and alcohol free for now approaching eight months. He has a job he has always wanted and is living independently in a different city (albeit with required therapy, NA meetings, and drug testing to keep him on course). After failing in three previous programs, your work was the pivotal first step in changing the course of his life. The massive change in circumstance comparing where he is now to a year ago would have never happened without your talent, hard work, and commitment to him and to our family. We will be forever grateful. With our deepest thanks Chris

Grateful Father in D.C.

My family and I were introduced to Chris Bennett through a mutual friend, and we met with him to discuss an intervention for my son, who has been struggling with substance abuse for over 15 years. It was a dire situation, and we had recently learned that he was currently living homeless on the streets, and was in a really bad situation. Nothing we had tried had worked up to this point. Chris and his partner were a blessing to us all, and walked us step-by-step through the entire process, and it was truly a miracle. They were there when we needed them. When the intervention was a success, Chris continued to monitor our son’s progress, and provide us with updates each step of the way. We are still very early in the long process of recovery now, but we see the hope of a future for our son, when there was none prior. Chris is truly caring, experienced, and gifted at what he does. Our family would heartily recommend his services to anyone struggling with a loved one in need of services and support.

- L.B
Mother in San Diego, CA

I am an attorney in private practice in San Diego, California. I would like to recommend Christopher Bennett to you. In January 2012, Chris helped plan and carry out an intervention for my son, Matt, addicted to heroin at the time. I know that Chris, from his own experience with addiction and alcoholism, would give a heartfelt yet professional approach to intervention. Addiction affects the entire family, and Chris understands this. He is sensitive to both the family and the addict. His knowledge of both the practical and medical aspects of addiction and the process for handling interventions in a discreet and professional manner made it all possible for my son to be taken to detox and, ultimately, to be sober and free from addiction. I have Chris and his company to thank for this, and I will forever be humbly grateful for his caring and thorough handling of the intervention. I believe he saved my son’s life. To this day, Matt harkens back to the intervention and is thankful to Chris for helping to achieve a life free from the obsession of addiction. Based on his commitment, sincerity, and heartfelt belief in passing the message on to those who suffer, without any hesitation I recommend Chris and his organization to you.
Very truly yours,

- Ted S.
Father in San Diego, CA

My name is Matt and I am an addict. I have been clean and sober for six months. I owe my sobriety to Christopher Bennett. Let me explain.

A couple of years ago, during college, I started using and abusing oxycodone and was quickly addicted. After a year or two of using those I switched over to heroin, smoking and occasionally injecting it.  I quickly fell in love with that and became addicted.  After six months of daily use, my girlfriend called my parents and “ratted” me out.  After a couple of days of rigorous discussion, my parents decided to put together an intervention.  They made contact with Chris Bennett and his organization.

Chris prepared my family and friends for the intervention. Then, on January 9th, 2012, I went out to lunch with my mom, unknowing of what was about to follow. As we were eating lunch I thought nothing of it and after lunch we were casually in my mom’s car, and she told me she wanted to take me for a drug test. So as we went to the building I thought I was just going to take a drug test. I went to the room where the drug test was supposed to be, and I opened the door of the room and in front of me was Chris, my entire family and extended family, and just about all of my friends. The outpouring of love and concern for my health and well being resulted in my decision to agree to go to detox and thereafter go to rehab.

My life has never been the same.  I have been sober for six months and seven days.  As a result of Chris’ efforts, I live life free of addiction completely, and the obsession for chemicals has been lifted. I strongly recommend that any interested person contact Chris.
Sincerely –

- Matt
Recipient of Intervention

Our family is indebted to the team of Chris Bennett Interventions, who stepped in and helped our family in the most difficult of circumstances. Chris and his Team helped us intervene with our 19 year old son who had an addiction problem. Chris and his Team helped give us professional guidance and support that extended over a several week period that culminated in our son seeking treatment for his addiction. Even though our situation was intensely emotionally trying, Chris and his Team provided a steady hand that included helping us and our daughter’s see hope in the midst of great turmoil. We just wish to say thank you and recommend Chris Bennett Interventions strongly for other parents or families dealing with a similar difficult situation.

- Alan
Father in San Diego, CA

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