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Intervention Services

What We Do

With our unique experience in successfully performing a broad variety of challenging interventions and the development of our "system" of intervention, we can help your family through the intervention process and determine the most effective and clinically appropriate treatment solution for your loved one. We realize that not all interventions have to feel confrontational and secretive. Chris Bennett Interventions utilizes several systems of intervention and intervention strategies including an innovative systemically based intervention process developed off of the Johnson Model of Intervention, invitational models of intervention and in the case of mental health challenges, our model which was developed specifically for supporting individuals suffering from primary mental illness in accepting treatment. We utilize tools, skills and techniques derived from the most advanced invitational and confrontational models of intervention used today. Each intervention is individualized to the specific needs of each family we work with and strategy is developed as a result of ongoing assessment tools utilized by the Intervention Team. We use the word "system" to describe the intervention process because it is a living entity that changes depending on a variety of situations and experiences whereas a "model" is a set in stone method of intervention.

  • Mental Health Intervention including but not limited to schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, delusional disorders, active psychosis, bi-polar disorder, major depressive disorder, personality disorders and anxiety disorders.
  • Substance Abuse and Dependency
  • Problem Gambling
  • Eating Disorders
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Failure to Launch
  • Problematic Lifestyles and Behavior

The TEAM Approach...

At Chris Bennett Interventions, our services are evidence-based and centered in the belief that a team approach is the best practice when designing a successful intervention – we view every individual as unique with unique circumstances and problems; as is every intervention strategy. We consult with and utilize the highest esteemed professionals nationwide when working with families.

Chris Bennett Interventions Strategy...

Prior to designing the intervention strategy, our team will conduct and analyze clinical assessments to determine the best approach to develop the most effective intervention process, strategy and treatment plan recommendations. Each and every individual and family presents a unique experience, leading Chris Bennett Interventions to develop the intervention strategy and the specific model to be used for the intervention based off of many criteria.

Upon agreeing to the strategy and treatment plan with the family, our team will move into the logistics and planning phase, which addresses any initial family concerns and confirms the date, time and location of the intervention itself.

Initial preparations are concluded by the team and we move to a family meeting for an Education and Empowering Preparation Session, which provides comprehensive information about the illness of addiction, co-dependency and how family trauma and anxiety proliferates and enables maladaptive behaviors. Our empowerment techniques are practiced by the family to create a shift in the family system’s homeostasis to increase the likelihood of your loved-one accepting help, agreeing to enter and complete treatment. Chris Bennett Interventions believes in an empowering family oriented healing process because families become extremely damaged by the effects and behaviors of active addiction and mental health disorders.

When the intervention team and family are fully aligned and prepared; the intervention is performed with immediate safe transportation of your loved one to the treatment destination. Our interventions may consist of a single family meeting with your loved one but may also consist in other situations of multiple family meetings with your loved one.
The following is a summary of services included in Chris Bennett Interventions Intervention Process:

  • Consultation Regarding the Identified Crisis
  • Clinical Assessment and Determination of Intervention Strategy to Be Used
  • Team Selection
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Family Resources and Healing Opportunities
  • Family Education
  • Family Preparation
  • Intervention
  • Safe Transportation and Treatment Admission Process
  • Case Management during Treatment
  • 6 Month Family Aftercare Utilizing Our Family and Friends Action Plan

After the intervention process is complete and your loved-one is safely on their way to treatment, Chris Bennett Interventions will provide ongoing case management for a minimum of six months with additional support to the family, which includes our Friends and Family 6 Month Action Plan, guidance and consultation, treatment coordination, continuum of care and transition planning.

Family Aftercare...

In addition, we provide continued support, education and recovery tools to family members.  The actual intervention is just the beginning.  We are in this together.  We will be with you and your family as long as it takes in order to achieve the goals we set out to achieve.  Aftercare services not only increase the likelihood of your loved one's successful reintegration back into family life but for the overall health of the family system itself by addressing and managing the emotional damage caused by the destructive patterns of mental illness and addiction.

Chris Bennett Interventions Can Help...

Crisis intervention is an invaluable step in the recovery and treatment process.  We are here to help.  We will guide you in the right direction. Give us a call.

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About Chris Bennett Interventions

Chris Bennett Interventions is a team of competently trained and experienced intervention and addiction treatment professionals that have come together to provide families with the highest quality intervention services. We recognize that each family presents with unique and complex circumstances that may include mental health challenges in addition to addiction, and that most clients will suffer from depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorders.

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