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Comprehensive Treatment Consulting & Therapeutic Placement

All too often we come across families who have spent thousands of dollars, even up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the treatment world for a loved one and they are still in a position where they are need of services. We offer a Comprehensive Consulting package for families to avoid the pitfalls of the “business end” of the treatment industry, by supporting you and your family in receiving the best available help for your loved one’s specific needs. Our Team at Chris Bennett Interventions have personally visited hundreds of programs; we have spent time with the owners of these programs, ate the food, sat on the beds, sat in the groups, met with the therapists and doctors, participated in the activities and can shed the best light on these programs as independent consultants with no financial ties to any particular program. We know what the programs are like, what they specialize in, how they operate and how well your loved one will succeed in each program and why. We will handle everything to guide you through this difficult process as it can seem like a daunting task when faced with a crisis situation or when you need to capitalize on a loved one finally reaching out for help. Call us 24/7 for a free consultation to discuss your needs privately.

Our Services Can Include

  • Comprehensive Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment by Certified Counselors
  • Comprehensive Family System Assessment
  • Financial and Insurance Based Assessment to determine correct placement based on assessment and financial and insurance abilities
  • Education on the Specific Challenges we are Facing including Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Patterns and Mental Health Disorders
  • Development of a minimum of Six (6) Month Treatment Plan for Your Loved One including but not limited to Detoxification Programs, Stabilization Programs, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Treatment, Drug Testing, Recovery Monitoring, Case Management Professionals, Therapists, Support Groups and Recovery Coaches
  • A Supportive Resources Treatment Plan for Family
  • Provide you with Best Fit Treatment Options based off of our Assessment
  • Direct Contact Information for Our Referrals including Phone Numbers, Website and Email
  • Scheduling of Treatment Center Tours for Family if possible
  • Coordinating all Aspects of the Admission Process
  • Safe Transportation and Admission into the predetermined treatment provider
  • Up to 1 Year of Continuing Care for the Family including your loved one with video conferencing calls, teleconferencing calls and/or face to face sessions on a weekly basis.

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About Chris Bennett Interventions

Chris Bennett Interventions is a team of competently trained and experienced intervention and addiction treatment professionals that have come together to provide families with the highest quality intervention services. We recognize that each family presents with unique and complex circumstances that may include mental health challenges in addition to addiction, and that most clients will suffer from depression, anxiety or other co-occurring disorders.

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